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  • Unit:Urban land readjustment

I. Origin

This project area was planned as industrial park, as proposed in the “Linkou Specific Area Project” in 1965, however, to this date, 5 industrial parks the Linkou Specific Area except for Industry 1st Industrial park have been completed with the development, which resulted in the low utilization and vacant of lands in large area in this project, which doesn’t fit the land utilization benefits and furthermore affect the completeness of urban space mechanism and structure. In response to local industrial development needs and to solve the current situation of land vacant and temporary plants as well as retaining the rights of land owners, the area is now developed as a whole through land redevelopment to vitalize vacant lands as well as boosting development in the neighborhood and connection industry axis. This area is located on the northwestern side of the Linkou Specific Area and belongs to 2nd Highway High-Tech Belt, which contains potential of development in the future. In the future, business, culture and creativity, and medical, regimen and beauty facilities will be introduced. In addition to providing a functional platform for industry-specific development, the redevelopment is aided with introduction of high-quality living facilities to reinforce the convenience at “‘Industry Leap Innovative Park’ in Linkou Industry 1st Industrial Park” with a view to cater to industrial development needs in the district.

II. Scope of Development

For development project of Linkou Industry 1st Urban Redeveloping Zone, the lands are situated in Linkou district of New Taipei City. On the east, the Wenhua 2nd Rd. serves as border (the scope of redevelopment includes portions of undeveloped projected roads at Wenhua N. Rd.); on the west, the conservation area and lands used for green area serve as border; on the south, the lands for green area and New Taipei Municipal New Taipei Special School serve as border; on the north, the conservation area serves as border.

III. Development Area

The total area of this Redeveloping Zone is approximately 107.91 hectares. (Actual development area subject to publicly announced redevelopment proposal)

IV. Current Status of Usage

Currently, partial lands have been used as plants of storage, coming in steel, machinery, logistics and storage, furniture, woodwork, recycling, manufacturing, rock and gravel storage, etc. Certain areas contain mix-use of residence and factory, with three sections of traditional brick constructions; the lands for commercial use are mostly distributed at Wenhua N. Rd., including furniture store, Taiwanese snack stand and dining, etc., the remaining area are mostly mixed woods, weed lands and for fragmental farming. Currently, the roads in the park are consisted of existing lanes, with less complete transportations in the base. The main access road is Wenhua N. Rd., accessible to Provincial Highway 15 to the north, National Highway No. 1 to the south. Bound by transportation locations, there is a higher proportion of warehouse storage business and furniture storage on the north side, and the south side mainly composes of basic manufacturing, fragmented mix-use of manufacturing factories and residences.

V. Land Use Project

  1. Lands Available for Construction: The project contains plans of “Restricted Industrial District Type 3-1” and “Restricted Industrial District Type 3-2” with an overall area of 67.17 hectares. After development, the lands will be distributed to original land owners, and the remained lands will serve as offset-expenditure lands, with starting prices set for open bidding. The payments acquired from bidding should in priority used as offset for expenditure of redevelopment.

    Table of Land Use Project
    Type of Restricted Industrial District Building Coverage Ratio Floor Area Ratio
    Restricted Industrial District Type 3-1 50% 210%
    Restricted Industrial District Type 3-2 60% 210%


  1. Lands for Public Facilities: This plan has specifically regulated the development in form of urban land redevelopment, meaning the public facilities usage plans after development shall comply with relevant laws and regulations of urban land the redevelopment. In accordance with Article 60 of the Equalization of Land Rights Act and Article 21 of Measures for Urban Land Redevelopment, the mutually burdened public facilities lands within the scope of this area include lands for “Park”, “Green Area”, “Road”, “Ditch”, etc., with a total area of 40.11 hectares; non-mutually burdened public facilities include lands for “Pylons” and “Electrical Substation”, with a total area of 0.3 hectares.

    ※ Subject to actual announced and implemented urban planning proposals and figures.

Development Operations Progress
Date Content of Operations
September 30, 2018 Main Plan issued for implementation
October 1, 2018 Detailed Plans approved for implementation
October 9, 2018 Redevelopment Proposal publicly announced for 30 days
October 24 and 25, 2018 Info-Meeting for Urban Land Redevelopment convened
November 9, 2018 List of Compensation (alms) for Superficies publicly announced for 30 days
December 21 and 22, 2018 Superficies Compensation (Alms) (1st) dispense held at Hunan Community Center, Linkou District
April 8, 9 and 10, 2019 Superficies Compensation (Alms) (2nd) dispense held at Hunan Community Center, Linkou District
April 15, 2019 Redevelopment Construction “Second Bidding”: NCO has declared commencement of construction on April 15th, 2019, as of July 23rd, 2019, the expected progress in aggregate: 0.87%, and the actual progress in aggregate: 1.784%.
May 10, 2019 Redevelopment Construction “Second Bidding”: NCO has declared commencement of construction on May 10th, 2019, as of July 23rd, 2019, the expected progress in aggregate: 1.1348%, and the actual progress in aggregate: 1.95%.