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I. Origin

All three units of this project are located at the daily community of urban planning area in Jinshan, which will be developed toward the premium residential community, in addition, public facilities and open spaces appropriate and correlate to the surroundings should be established in the residential area based on geographical location and attributes of each unit to showcase its core value in life.

II. Scope of Development

  • Unit A: Land at east side of Zhonghua Rd.
  • Unit B: Land between south side of Jinmei Elementary School and northeast side of Renai Rd.
  • Unit C: Surrounded by Minsheng Rd., Zhongshan Rd. and ZhongXing Rd.

III. Development Area

The total area of this Redeveloping Zone is 6.99 hectares.

  • Unit A: 1.75 hectares.
  • Unit B: 2.07 hectares.
  • Unit C: 3.17 hectares.

IV. Current Status of Usage

Lands of this project were originally reserved lands for public facilities. In accordance with the collateral conditions of urban planning, the lands should be developed entirely following urban land redevelopment. Before the redevelopment, besides a few lands for construction use, most lands are used for farming, which unit A is mainly used as farmland with area on the southeastern side being reserved for parking; unit B is used as farmland and parking lot; unit C is mainly used as forming field, with mixed woods on the southern side.

V. Land Use Project

Three lots as land used for park, two lots as land used for green area, one lot as land used for parking lit and three areas as roads. The land use area for public facilities is 2.59 hectares, and the remaining 4.4 hectares is planned to be developed to type 2 residential area.

Table of Land Use Plan Zoning
Zoning Building Coverage Ratio Floor Area Ratio
Type 2 Residential Area 50% 180%


VI. Development Operations Progress 

Progress Table for Development Operations
Date Content of Operations
January 3, 2018 Main Plan issued for implementation
January 4, 2018 Detailed Plans approved for implementation
January 10 to February 9, 2018 Redevelopment Proposal publicly announced for 30 days
January 23, 2018 Info-Meeting for Urban Land Redevelopment convened
February 12 to March 14, 2018 List of Compensation (alms) for Superficies publicly announced for 30 days
February 12 to March 14, 2018 List of Compensation (alms) for Superficies publicly announced for 30 days
April 11, 2018 Groundbreaking ceremony held
May 24, 2018 Info-Meeting of Land Distribution Draft convened
June 11 to July 12, 2018 Land Distribution Results publicly announced for 30 days
October 12, 2018 Registration of changes in land rights completed in Xizhi Land Office in this City

VII. Development Effects

  • Enhancement of urban views: Through urban design regulations of urban plans, sufficient vacant lots are reserved and limits on intensity of use are set to create a clear and beautiful city image.
  • Complementing Public Facilities: Complement public facilities and solve the issues including insufficiency of parking spaces surrounding Jinshan Old Street, lack of recreation spaces and power and telecommunications facilities affecting city appearance.
  • Shortening Development Duration: land leveling in the entire district and construction of public facilities are expected to be completed in 2018. After redevelopment, issues of obsolete and unutilized lands or lands with low utilization may be highly improved. Also, by integrating the lands to parcels in appropriate and square areas, in addition to facilitating effective utilization of lands, times needed for individual acquisition of public facilities lands and development can be drastically shortened.
  • Gratuitous public facilities lands of 2.59 hectares has helped conservation of expense in land expropriation for NTD 775 million.