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The GPS team was established to place permanent control points all over the city. We have prepared budgets for the placing of the control points of the Land Offices in 2003 (except Banqiao and Sanchong Land Offices). The Local Land Offices placed 1757 control points by outsourcing during 2003. They surveyed 957 control points by outsourcing during 2004. (457 points in Ruifang, 200 points in Xizhi, 300 points in Xindian) Other 800 control points were surveyed by city government in the same year. During 2005, we have placed and surveyed 268 control points in Shulin and 198 in Xinzhuang. Now 200 control points will be completed as planned.

The expected benefits are as follows:

(A) Ensuring the quality of the revision survey, establishing the credibility and eliminating the doubtof the people.
(B) Cutting down people's disputes concerning the boundary, and reducing the amount of the cases concerning the resurvey of the boundary.
(C) Shortening the time of revision survey in order to prevent the delays of the cases.

Cadastral Survey Division TEL:886-2-2960-3456 Ext. 3324~3327