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The original cadastral maps of Taiwan were destroyed during World War II, which were surveyed and mapped during the Japanese Colonial Rule. All Local Land Offices have been operating according to the copy of the original map. Because of aging and overuse, the paper has shrunk and damaged. Also because of the changes of nature landforms and boundaries, the records of the cadastral maps are no longer consistent with the real status. Besides, the technology, equipment and scale were limited at the time of surveying of the original map. The precision cannot meet the requirements for cadastral surveying today, and therefore results in a lot of boundary disputes. In order to prevent these troubles, ensure the legal rights and interests of people, and maintain the credibility of the government, speed up the resurvey of cadastral maps becomes an important mission of land administration.

The total area of New Taipei City is about 106 million plots of land covering 190 thousand hectares. Since the resurvey of cadastral maps in 1976, 410 thousand plots of land covering 14 thousand hectares were completely surveyed, which also left 650 thousand plots of land covering 176 thousand hectares un-resurveyed. At the moment, we are actively carrying out the resurvey of cadastral maps of the Tucheng and Yingge district.

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