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  • Unit:Zone Expropriation Division
  • Tel:886-2-2960-3456 Ext.3498、3509、3511、3513、3515、3517~3524、3527~3547

Based on the special business requirements, the government takes expropriation completely for the land in certain area. After overall planning and arrangement, public facilities required land are administrated and used by the government directly. For buildable land, partial land is converted to trade in land price and withdrawn by original land owner (trade-in land), and partial are used by the government for development purpose. The rest lands are sold by tender to against development cost. Therefore, section expropriation could be a kind of comprehensive, self-liquidating land development project.

The department charges for the expropriation business in local city, and uses section expropriation method to develop new community and update old urban and suburb communities, such as National Taipei University special area, Taipei commercial port Community, New Banqiao Station special area, West side of Zhonghe Huazhong Bridge, Taipei Port special area, Knowledge Industry Park in the north of Xinzhuang and development in the north of New Zhongyang Village of Xindian. In addition to promote rapid development of local area and provide perfect public facilities and good environmental quality to the public, but also it promotes rational and efficient use of land and increases the value of the land further.

Based on above concepts, the department also takes Financial Feasibility Assessment for other urban plan specified section expropriation areas but not handled, so as to take section expropriation method to complete overall development operation of all areas rapidly, create win-win situation to the government and the citizens and achieve policy target of using land fully and sharing land benefits authentically.

Business responsibilities of the department include:
1. Evaluate and handle overall development business of local city
2. Handle expropriation operation of local city
3. Handle sales issues of buildable landmark with completed overall development.

Evaluate and handle overall development business of the local city.
(i) Completed development projects include:
     ◎ National Taipei University special area development project
     ◎ The 1st phase engineering access roads development project of Taipei 
         commercial port
     ◎ The 3rd phase section expropriation and development project of New Banqiao
         Station special area
     ◎ Expropriation and development project of West side of Zhonghe Huazhong
     ◎Expropriation and development project of Taipei Port special area.
     ◎ Expropriation and development project of Knowledge Industry Park in the
         north of Xinzhuang
     ◎ Expropriation and development project of in the north of New Zhongyang
         Village of Xindian
(ii) Developing development projects include:

     ◎ Expropriation and Development Project for Section Puchien 4-7 Area in Banqiao District, New Taipei City

Division chief's special line:886-2-29606884