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  1. The land registration management 
  2. Management of foreigner's land right 
  3. Rights and duties for mainland people to acquire land in New Taipei City 
  4. The land administration agent's management of land that just starts business 
  5. The real estate broking management 
  6. The claim and identification of the public land  
  7. Business concerning the 37.5%Rental Arable Land, such as registration and checking, adjusting controversy and providing tutorship service, etc.

Division chief's special line:886-2-29605184 
886-2-29603456 Ext. 3450
Inquiry of the land administration agent,dial the telephone exchange number and then transfer to 886-2-29603456 Ext. 3413~3415

Land Cadastre Division TEL:886-2-2960-3456 Ext. 3402~3415、3457~3464