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  • Unit:Zone Expropriation
Zone expropriation and development project of Taipei Port special district is to cope with the development and influences of Taipei international port construction, improve land use value of surrounding areas, enhance competitiveness of the port and promote local prosperity. It changes original agricultural area with low land utility into residential area, commercial area, industry service are and entertainment special area. Furthermore, it provides urban functions of residents in Bali, cooperates with development of current status and plans appropriate public facilities land, so as to improve life quality in the region, integrate current resources of port and local place, and shape to New City Center of port with composite functions.
Development Scope
The plan scope is located in the Xiaobali Benduan medium and small section, Shisanhang small section, Xiazhuweizi small section, Xuntangpu small section, Fenfgudou Lake small section, Pizitou small section, Laoqiankeng small section, Old city small section and partial land of Xiaguzi small section of Xiaguzi section and Changdaokengkou small section.
East: Taking Pitou No.2 Street as boundary
West: taking Hongshuixian River as boundary
South: taking No.2 section of Zhonghua Road as boundary (county road 105)
North: taking open closure channel of Bianzigou River as boundary
Development Area
135.7ha, including private land 122.85 ha and public land 12.85 ha
Land Use Plan
I. Land use partition
The 2nd kind of residential area  30.41ha
The 1st kind of commercial area  2.64ha
The 3rd kind of commercial area  6.94ha
The 2nd kind of industry service area  13.20ha
Entertainment special area  13.33ha
Agricultural area  0.1ha
II. Land area of parking and organ, elementary school, junior high school, park, park and museum, children’s playground, square, square and parking, green space, roads, traffic service facilities and other public facilities is 68.08 ha totally, with a ratio up to 50.91%.
Development Benefits
I. The area is located in “North Taiwan Sea-air-land Golden Triangle’ zone. It will reply on West Coast Expressway and connect with Taoyuan International Air City to shape East Asia Sea-air Hub.
II. After the development of the area is completed, it will obtain buildable land 66.52 ha and public facilities land 68.08 ha, and will reduce the government's financial burden and accelerate the construction of Taipei Port.
III. It will promote the overall development and use of the surrounding area of Taipei Port, introduce commercial, industrial and entertainment industries, cooperate with the construction of Taipei Port, promote regional development, and shape the Taipei Port International Bay City.
IV. After expropriation of the segment, land value will be increased and benefits of landowner will be improved. It is conductive for cadastral finishing, and  conductive to reduce property disputes, and eliminate illegal factory buildings and lagged landscape behind phenomenon. Additionally, it will develop construction land, increase the supply of buildable land and promote the land use.
Current Progress
I. Expropriation is announced on August 23, 2011.
II. Land compensation fee payment operations were handled on October 4-6, 2011.
III. Land improvements announcement and expropriation were handled on November 11, 2011. 
IV. Land improvements  compensation fee payment operations were handled on December 13-21, 2011.
V. Fencing works and land improvements demolition operations were taken from January to May, 2012.
VI. Engineering commencement ceremony was held in March 2012.
VII. The 2nd biding is started in May 2012. Sub-bidding of the 1st, 3rd and 4th biddings were started in June 2012.
VIII. Street block drawing and distribution explanation meeting was handled and held in November 2012.
IX. Trade-in land and distribution explanation meeting was handled and held from December 2012 to February 2013.
X. Cadastral finishing and land registration operations were taken in April-May 2013.
XI. All sub-bidding application work in the area was completed in January 2014.
XII. Project completion ceremony was held on January 23, 2014.
Zone Expropriation and Development Project of Taipei Port Special District all Land use zoning
Plan Scope
Zone Expropriation and Development Project of Taipei Port Special District Plan Scope
Zone Expropriation and Development Project of Taipei Port Special District map
Urban Plan Land Partition Map
Urban Plan Land Partition Map describe