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In order to develop a new community and comply with the need of construction of peripheral express way at the New Taipei City that extends along Taipei Metropolitan, the project will alter the urban planning of New Taipei City’s Zhonghe city to alter the original lowly utilized lands into residential area. Further, it will plan a green belt of parks to separate the industrial lands to provide a better living quality and environment for the local people.

Urban Planning
The main plan was issued in July 1997.
The detailed plan was issued in July 1997.
The altered major and detailed plans were announced in July 2005.

Development Range
The expropriation zone in this area is a belt-line land to be developed. In the east, it is the urban plan line of Huazhong Bridge approach road; in the west is the urban plan range of Zhonghe and Banqiao; in the south, it is close to the urban plan industrial zone of Zhonghe; in the north, it is the range of peripheral express way route.

Development Acreage
18.8 hectares.

Development Expense
About 5.8 billion.

Land Usage Plan
The public facilities acreage is about 6.21 hectares which includes a park with a fairyland for kids (0.56 hectare), a park (2.14 hectares), roads (3.30 hectares), aqueduct (0.21 hectare). These account for 33.17% of the total acreage and the remaining 12.59 hectares can be built as residential area.

Development Process
1.The expropriation project of the area has been submitted to the Ministry of Interior for ratification in October 2008.
2.Based on the Land Expropriation Act, starting from October 24, 2008, and it will attend to the payment of various compensation fees, subsidies, bonus for voluntary movement after 30 days after the announcement. At the same time, it will continue to build site fences and the destruction of any buildings on land.
3.The keeping tasks of compensation were finished in June 2009. On July 14 in the same year, the ground-breaking ceremony for the main construction was held.
4.In May 21, 2010, the distribution by drawing of compensation land was finished. Lands were individually verified from June 25 to July 24. 2010, thirty days after the announcement.
5.In October 15, 2010, the land ownership after the development was registered.
6.The project is estimated to be finished in 2010.