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  • Unit:Zone Expropriation Division
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Cooperating with the opening traffic of New Banqiao station, renovating the outdate declined industrial areas in the city, and perfecting the reasonable usage of the city land, make it the core belt of the second urban centre (Banqiao city) and the traffic hinge of the Taipei metropolis, which is only inferior to the Taipei Station, and provide the citizens with high quality of life and convenient traffic net; drive the booming and developing of all trades in Banqiao city.

Development acreage
About 4.1322 hectares.

Public establishment acreage:
About 1.9737 hectares.

Development profit
A. Becoming the core belt of the second urban centre of the Taipei metropolis, so as to bring along and strengthen the development of the city.

B. Becoming the traffic hinge in the west bank of Tamsui River in the capital city of the Taipei metropolis. The project will combine Taiwan Railway, High Railway with the MRT, and establish bus system and the middle long way passenger transferring station as well.

C. Increasing the job opportunities of the third grade industry, make the city feature very largely in the third grade industry, instead of the second grade industry structure in the past to slow down the impact of centralizing of the third grade industry in Taipei.

D. Upgrading the quality of living environment by transportation construction, entertainment squares, parks, shopping centers and commercial equipment planning. And by establishing the civilization and education equipment, it provide culture and art instruction so as to advance the quality of the civil spirit life.

E. Renovating the declined industrial areas in the city, creating lively, young, relaxing urban scene and the quiet living space.