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  • Unit:Zone Expropriation Division
  • Tel:886-2-2960-3456 Ext. 3521~3524

In order to cooperate the construction of Taipei's commercial harbor (6 years planning of national construction, based on Executive Yuan's file number tai812190 that verified this action), we successfully obtain the main land that connected roads to outside, and also provide nice public facilities to improve the usage value of the land, build fantastic environment for living and commercial service, after “Bali city changing plan”, it will convert the agriculture area in the both sides of road into land for living, commercial, and public facilities.

Development Acreage
About 7.22 hectares

Public Facilities Acreage:
About 3.85 hectares

Benefit of Development
A. Obtaining the rights to build Taipei Commercial Harbor's Segment which connected to outside road area, park, fairyland for kids, and public facilities, saving fees for government, reducing the budget for government, also accelerating the development of Taipei Harbor.

B. Facilitating development and usage of Taipei Harbor's near area, raising the local economy growth, accelerating the balance of all areas, and let the land owners share the profit by development.

C. Convert the original agriculture district to residential or commercial district according to the city plan procedure, thereby bringing up the land value.

D. Reorganize the cadastre after zone expropriation; cut off the unshaped land; reduce the economy dissensions, and complete all cadastral regulations.

Processing Status
A. "Taipei Commercial Harbor Community"will be completed on November 5th, 2001 and assist Taipei Commercial Harbor to get 50 meters wide land for building the roads connected to outside.

B. Started land bidding on March 29th, 2002 and June 28th, 2002, 4 places were sold and earned NT 310 million. We still have 9 commercial places available for sale.