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New Taipei city's population now has reached over 3 million, almost taken one fifth of the whole province, but only has 2 private universities and this issue has already became a block to society's step forward, especially for residents’ education and civilization and morality's improvement. In order to enhance the city's academic ethos, Sanxia district and Shulin district have been marked out to be the university's location range. Also for facilitating the universities growing healthiness development and offering all residents a high standard living environment, we combined the university with it’s adjoin area to be the Taipei University Special Zone. We did in prior adopted to start the process based on every zone unit, and official requisition notification was published out on April 3rd, 1997. 

Development Acreage
About 185.53 heckares

Public Facilities Acreage
About 57 heckares

Benefit of Development
Social civilization and economic benefit: National Taipei University indicated area traversed Sanxia district and Shulin district territory, planning to get 29,500 people involved.

It's the first completed scheme which has university included; The Taipei's Government has plan out and built the most talented and cultured high standard living area, which consist of National Taipei University, two National high schools, and two National senior schools, six parks, three parking place, bus station, market, and also we'll have our own police department, post office, Chunghwa Telecom and Financial organization to provide all kinds of valuable service.

The whole area has already built 17 roads, which is about 8 to 40 meters width unique. Taipei University also has a 76 meters long road in the front, fully covered with over 70 thousand trees. The university was integrated with community; therefore, both of them share the same traits each other, tighten the relationship between community and university as well; consequently facilitated the near area’s prosperity development and created huge business opportunities for the local.

Process Status
A. The Publish Facilities of the project has completed in December 2000.
B. The National Taipei University has finished the Humanities building, Commercial Science building, and the first three student's dorm. 2, 500 students and teachers have already moved in during September 2003; The Administration building has completed in December 2004, and schemed to activate it in July 2005, all administration staff will move into the new building then and start their routings. Another aspect, Social Science building has started on April 12th, 1994, after this was done, it's able to contain 2,000 students and teachers. The whole university location move schedule was going to be completed in 2006.
C. Accelerating to broaden the land restrictions of special-use area, finally on June 24th, 2003, due to ministry of interior's confirmation, the government will execute the guidance on august 8th, 2003. The guidance consist of several points, such as: Modifying the original key points of land reform, besides broaden the developing scale of limited acreage land like commercial unit development regulation, side yard limitation, distance between buildings, parking space restrictions and so on. Also included the most important changes such as encourage the construction capability rates, added and revised more bonus terms for time and process. If total acreage is more than 5,000 square meters and applied in two years, the builder can get the bonus of construction capability rates even over 80 percent, saving big for the land claiming cost. For more information, please browse New Taipei City 's land sale consultant website at
D. MRT Nangang-Banqiao Line to Tucheng, Yongning station will be open to traffic in June 2006, at that time taking a connection bus to our special area will only need 12 minutes, and we'll insist to use all advantages and methods we had to make a positive effort to get MRT Sanxia-Yingge Line built in this special district. The route relied on Taipei Transport Control Department's arrangement in the end of 1993. Sanxia route will cross along with the 3rd segment of Jieshou Road, Sanxia district, Hengxi River Surrounded Road, from SanRong driver service center to west, cross over agriculture land until get into Taipei University Special district through the side of National Education Institute, then go to the location of Taipei University's parallel National Highway No.2, head to west traverse Dahan River and finally arrived Yingge county. The whole path last 5.5 kilometers long in the territory of Sanxia district, and planning to set Wazi, Hengxi, National Education Institute, and Taipei University 4 stations.
E. Up to May 27th, 2005, the whole district has completed 51 land sales, worth about 1300 millions NT, until now we still have 23 lands of residential and commercial site available for purchase.

Zone Expropriation Division TEL:886-2-2960-3456 Ext. 3521~3524