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  • Unit:Land Readjustment Division

I. Origin
The consolidation is to cooperate with the requirements of urban development and control flood plain control area, measure urban development after restrictions are removed, cooperate with changes of urban plan and development handling in collateral condition and urban land consolidation method, designate sufficient public facilities use land. Combining with the advantages of two metros and two expressways (Sinjhuang MRT line, CKS Airport MRT line and Huanhe Expressway, and East-West Expressway) and beautiful landscape of Erchong Floodway, “floodway ecological corridor” and “ecologic conservation area”, it is going to create a new water bank leisure environment, so that the potential for future development in this area should not be overlooked.

Additionally, overall development area of vicinity on both sides of Erchong Floodway is located in central zone of Taipei City and Sinjhuang City, which has a significant function to connect north counties and urban center. Furthermore, consolidation area of adjacent Sanchong Chongyangqiao City has become a mature area. Plus brightly shining Sinjhuang New City Center Development Zone in the west, the area will act a role of carrying on the past heritage and opening up the future, and create the coherence and integrity of New Taipei City Development Zone.

II. Development Scope
East: Taking Sanchong Urban Consolidation Area as the boundary
West: Taking VII-44-12M planned road as boundary
South: Taking Tamsui River as boundary
North: Taking Gubao Jiashang as boundary

III. Development Area
About 71.15 ha

IV. Land Use Plan
Shared public facilities land of urban reconsolidation includes 4 parks, 3 schools, 5 children’s playgrounds, 2 parking, green area, roads and other public facilities with an area of about 31 ha. It also includes residential area and commercial with an area of about 37ha and the rest are organ sites, substation land, water land and other non-shared public facilities land.

V. Execution Conditions
1. Main plan and detailed plan were issued and implemented on October 28, 2010 and October 29, 2010 respectively.
2. Reconsolidation plan was announced on July 19, 2011- August 18, 2011.
3. Landowners forum was convened on August 10-11, 2011.
4. Demolition compensation and benefits of above-ground subjects were announced on February 24-March 26, 2012.
5. Reconsolidation engineering was started on May 18, 2012.
6. Detailed Plan Case (Cooperated with Urban Land Reconsolidation Development) of Sanchong Urban Plan (Vicinity on Both Sides of Erchong Floodway) Modification was issued and implemented on August 20, 2012.
7. Reconsolidation Plan of Vicinity on Both Sides of Erchong Floodway was announced on January 31, 2013 after being revised.
8. Migration, division and setting burden were prohibited from April 15, 2013 to June 14, 2014.
9. Land distribution results were announced from July 24, 2013 to August 23, 2013.
10. Land distribution explanation session was held on July 24, 25 and 26, 2013.
11. Right alternation registration was completed in January, 2014.

VI. Devolvement Benefits
1. After the development of the area is completed, the government can obtain public facilities land for about 31 ha free of charge. It will save the government procurement of land and construction costs about 28.7 billion TWD to increase the government income.
2. It will have multiple traffic advantages, including Sinjhuang MRT line, CKS Airport MRT line and Huanhe Expressway, and East-West Expressway. With combination of “floodway ecological corridor” and “ecologic conservation area”, the area will be planned to be a large open space with green belt and blue belt, so as to improve urban functions and create a diversified urban style and features.
3. After reconsolidation is completed, it will improve the quality of life of the surrounding residential areas, construct a good living environment, and promote urban development.
4. Combining the plan with floodway landscape, it will shape a new water bank leisure environment and create a new environment integrated ecology, production and living to create a new landscape in Sanchong district.
5. It will construct a bridge between Taipai City and Sinjhuang Development Zone and create consistency and coherence of the development area.

Reconsolidation Scope Map of Vicinity on Both Sides of Erchong Floodway

Chinese legend English legend
Reconsolidation Scope Map of Vicinity on Both Sides of Erchong Floodway
Zhongshan Bridge
West Shuhong Rd.
East Shuhong Rd
Chongxin Bridge
South Huanhe Rd
Residential area
Commercial area
Religious special area
Substation land
Water business land
Organ sites
Park, green space, and children’s playground land
Parking land
School land
Urban reconsolidation scope
Re-development area (non-reconsolidation area, including private, education and residential areas)
Historic site conservation area (non-reconsolidation area)


aerial image

Chinese legend English legend
Gubao Jiashang
Zhongshan Bridge
Erchong Floodway
Sanchong Urban Plan Area
VII-44 12M道路
VII-44 12M Road
Shuhong No.14 Road
Chongxin Bridge
Tamsui River