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I. Origin
Tucheng is near to Banqiao. In recent years, it was developed rapidly. Surrounding buildable development land is near saturation. As designated military restriction range is just located on the heart part of Tucheng, and various kinds of construction development are restricted by the military part strictly. It results in insufficiency of current public facilities and improper road system, which impact the development of Tucheng seriously.

To provide urban development land and activate land use, cooperating with ban lifting of military restriction range in the planned area and N.2 high way in the north and Tucheng MTR all pass through the planned area, which have extremely convenient traffics, the overall plan development of urban land consolidation is taken according to the urban plan, so as to promote perfect development of the local area.

II. Development Scope:
East: taking Qingyun Road and streets in the east as boundary
West: taking east side of Xuefu Road and boundary
South: Taking Jincheng Road and north of Mingde Road as boundary, partially extending to Protection Zone
North: Taking Gongwu (Tatung Company) and Wengao (Haishan Industrial Vocational High School) as boundary

III. Development Area:
About 45.49ha

IV. Land Use Plan:
Urban land consolidation shared public facilities lands include junior high school land, park land, neighborhood park and children’s playground land, green space land, roads land, pedestrian trails land, parking land, drainage ditch land, pedestrian square land, roads land and for river using, green space land and for roads using, green space land and for drainage ditch using, with a total about 16.32 ha. Residential area and commercial area are about 29.17 ha totally.

V. Execution Conditions:
(i) Consolidation plan was announced on August 12, 2013.
(ii) Consolidation plan forum was held on August 29, 2013.
(iii) Objects above ground evaluation and compensation inventory was announced on September 12, 2013, and it takes February 14, 2014 as automatic relocation period.
(iv) Commencement ceremony was held on March 14, 2014.
(v) It is predicted the project will be completed in December 2014.

VI. Development Benefits:
(i) After the area development is completed, the government can obtain public facilities land for about 16.32 ha free of charge, and save government public facilities land expropriation cost and engineering costs about 28.2 billion TWD.
(ii) Cadastral arrangement: Currently, most of the consolidation areas are used for factory and partly for agricultural use. The cadastral is in mess. .
(iii) Public facilities perfection: after the consolidation is completed, public facilities in the area are set completely, which will be conductive for local people to use.
(iv) Sufficient local finance: after the consolidation is completed, due to the completion of public facilities and land arrangement, it will stimulate construction land use, accelerate local construction, and increases taxation sources.
(v) Improve the living environment: It will improve the quality of life, and build beautiful and comfortable residential space.