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In order to provide a comfortable and convenient underground communication network for the people in New Taipei City going between home and the New Banqiao Station, the Xinfu Street underpass in the New Banqiao Station special district was opened at 10 o’clock, June 19th, 2003. President Chen Shuibian came to the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon himself. Many other VIPs and representatives from all circles joined in the ceremony. This underpass lowers down the danger of passing the streets. People could also avoid solarization and rain.

This underpass has 8 exits in total. It links the Culture Street, the New Banqiao Station, the City People Avenue, the City People Square, the County Government Building, the Tax Collection Office and the Zhongshan Square from north to south. The construction of this alleyway started from October, 2000, and ended in March, 2003. The total outlay reached 450 million in Taiwan Currency. This alleyway was 322 meters long, 7.4 and 12.4 meters wide. Its net height is about 2.5 meters to 3 meters.

There are exhibition windows and billboards in the programming of the walking alleyway. At present, the exhibition topics includes “New Appearance of New Taipei City”, “New Taipei City Construction”, “Looking Back at the Development of the New Banqiao Station” and “New Taipei City Education”, etc. The introduction involves the touring industry and business characters of the 29 towns in the county, the important constructions in the county (such as the Fisherman’s Wharf, the Shi San Xing Museum, the Singing Nightingale Pottery Museum, the New Village Stadium, the Two Layer Flood Drainage Park, the Blue Highway and the New Good Avenue, etc.), the Development course of the New Banqiao Station, the efficiency and the local political computerization measures, educations from the elementary level to the adult level, the completed middle school education, and education about the Native Place. The motivation of these exhibitions is to give the citizens a trip of intellectuality and sense perception.