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Development Origin
In order to reduce the dependence on the centre commercial service function of Taipei city, in the early 70s the urban project study association of the people civil country made “The research project of urban function research vice-centre in Taipei” and “The oncoming shopping centre research project” was consigned to carry out the research. According to the result, the project of building the core belt in the vice-urban city of Xinzhuang was set out in civil year 74.

Development acreage
The important layout area in the city is about 77.3058 hectares and the section of expropriation is about 6.4957 hectares.

Public establishment acreage
About 30.2430 hectares

The schedule at present

  1. Given with respect of ministry of interior the relay project book and the section of expropriation book was checked and ratified on Dec 3rd, 1992 and Aug 6th, 1993 and there were 30 days of bulletin from Nov 1st, 1993 to Dec 1st, 1993.
  2. The principal part, submitted by work union to the consultant engineering company was transacted and designed, and in general they were set out in Sep. 1994, and fulfilled in Dec. 1995.

Development profit

  1. To accelerate the whole-development of the urban area, meet the needs of the development in the local area, and offer the urban function needed by the town of Xinzhuang, Wugu and Taishan.
  2. The development of the area can upgrade the quality of living condition and reduce the dependence on the centre commercial service function of Taipei city.
  3. The development can form planet urban city with independent city functions.

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