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  • Unit:Land Readjustment Division
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Development Origin
In order to solve the serious floods problem and the allocation of the removing person, Touqian district of Xinzhuang city was selected to alter its layout originally so as to carry out the newly whole developed project of the area.

Development acreage
about 45.23 hectares

Public establishment acreage
about 16.04 hektares

The schedule at present

  1. The bulletin of the book and the map of the actualize about the new city land layout was sent away by the letters on the local number of 0930092025 to all the landowners on Feb 27th, 2004.
  2. By the reassessment of the ground buildings, the second compensating alms were to put out on May 17th or 18th, 2005.
  3. The land for public establishment and the distributed principle of the land adjustment has transit after the discussion of the local state project committee. The land price fore and aft the layout was studied to refer to the estimate of the assessment association of the local land price and the standard land price.

Development profit

  1. Obtain the compensators to allocate the removing person in the serious floods area.
  2. Eliminating the build of deregulation factories and out of date sight exploitation, increase the reasonable land supply to make good use of the city land.
  3. The land price increased after the new layout of the city and the legible benefits of the landowners was increased greatly.
  4. The new layout has the advantages of land management and it can reduce the land property right dissension.
  5. The state can get land freely so that great sum of money can be saved in the land requisition by purchase.
  6. Corresponding to the development of the urban area, leading the regular development, and bring more balanced population distribution.
  7. The project can offer nicer living conditions after the development, accelerate the booming of the local area, and increase the great sum of state revenue.