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Origin of the project
In 1984, in coordination with the 2nd round of the flood dredging project and village transfer plan, which were parts of the Taipei flood control plan, we initiated the Luzhou land reorganization project.

Development area:About 77.4506 hectares.

Project period:April.1996~April.2000

Public facilities acreage:About 13.3234 hectares

Development benefits

  1. To make perfect the public establishment, to effectively enhance the land usage value, to promote city development.
  2. To provide convenient outside transportation and fine habitation to Sanmin Road, Changrong Road and Nangangzi reorganization area.
  3. Luzhou is upgraded to city status from township, with good living functions.

Land Readjustment Division TEL:886-2-2960-3456 Ext. 3410~3493,3413、3577