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Origin of the Project
A. In 1978, in coordination with the 12 big projects, such as the New Town Development Plan and More Houses Plan set by Executive Office, we developed the 1st and 2nd district by way of 4 District Reorganization.
B. From 1995 to 1996, the New Town development plan was led by New Taipei City Government,and the total deployment will be in force after the 2nd approval.

Development Area:About 499.1919 hectares.

Public establishment Area:About 182.1290 hectares.

A. Project 1 was completed by the Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of Interior.
B. Project 2 to 9, which were in the Central Business District, consigned to the Land Reorganization Department for outsourcing projects and operations, were completed during the year 2004.
C. Paling Project 5 and 6 were estimated to be completed during 2005, the piping project is in the layout design stage,and online bidding is in process by the Project Department.
D. Garbage clearing projects 4 to 9 were at the detail design stage in May 2005 of Taiwan's year,online posting is planned in Taiwan's year July 2005, and garbage will be cleared in April 2006.

Development Benefits
A. To perfect the public establishment, to reduce construction cost, to serve as the development infrastructure of northern Taiwan.
B. To perfect the service utility, to evacuate the overspill and overdevelopment at Taipei basin, to serve as the model of new town construction.
C. To facilitate the transportation system.

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