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Privacy and Security Statement   

Welcome to the Information Service Web site of the New Taipei City Government. To make sure you use the services provided on our website without concern for privacy breach, we like to explain to you our information security and privacy policy.

Collection and Use of Personal Information   

As a general rule, there is no need to input personal information when you visit our website. When you browse our WebPages or inquire services, the server will automatically create a log, which stores information on the IP address from which you access the Internet, the date and time of your access, your browser and the WebPages you have read or used. The purpose is to identify the visitors so we can provide better services or carry out statistical analysis which will help us make our website more useful to visitors.   When you register with us as a member to receive more customized services, e.g. e-Message, the personal information you provide will not be disclosed to any third party or used for other purposes unless with your prior consent or as required by law. Information Security and Protection   Our web site has firewall installed to prevent hacking and unauthorized access. We also have invasion detection and instant response system to shore up the protection. 

Information or e-mail Transmission Policy   

Our e-Message contains news release, announcements etc. After obtaining your consent to receive e-Message, our website will send you the e-Message by mail, in which we will note that the mail is from New Taipei City Government. You can also discontinue the e-Message service on this website

Self-protection Measures

  Please safeguard your personal information. To protect your interest, exercise extreme discretion when you provide personal information,in particular password, to others   

Intellectural Property Statement

When you quote our data, please note the source of data and keep the quoted data intact without modify, alter, deletion, and follow the copyright, trademark and other laws and regulations