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Applies for the cross county/city cadaster transcription
The populace can go to transcription counter of each land office in New Taipei City, New Taipei City government and land affairs workstation of every city office/townships, applies for the cadastral material outside New Taipei City.
Inter-jurisdictional Applications of Land Registration
Registration of simple cases within the jurisdictions of different land office of New Taipei City, include registration of mortgage establishment, content change of mortgage, registration of mortgage cancellation, registration of change domicile, registration of change in name, registration of change of the doorplate, registration of exchange of the certificate and registration of rectification applications. (Note: Rectification applications limit to cases of household record incorrectness or fault in name, birth date, ID no., residence and doorplate can be applied in any office of New Taipei City.)


Land Administration Bureau, New Taipei City Government Standard Operating Procedures for Processing Foreigners' Applications for Acquirement (Transfer) of Title on Land and Building
Article 18 of Land Laws states that foreigners are permitted to acquire or establish land ownership in Republic of China only if nationals of Republic of China are permitted to have the equivalent rights in that counterpart foreign country according to treaty or laws. In order to implement the reciprocal principle, New Taipei City government accepts and processes foreigners' application for acquirement or transfer of title on land and building according to Article 19 ~ Article 24 of Land Laws.
Laws and Regulations Concerned
1. Article 17 ~ 24 of Land Laws 
2. Operating essentials for foreigners to acquire land ownership in Republic of China
Forms, Documents, and Attachments Used for Internal Administrative Operation
  1. New Taipei City government brief case report on foreigners' acquirement or transfer of title on lands and houses (Table 1)
  2. Amended "Table of mutual beneficial countries for foreigners to acquire or establish land ownership in Republic of China" (Attachment 1)
  3. Laws and Regulations about examination of foreigners' application for acquirement (transfer) of title on land and building (Attachment 2)
  4. Approval letter (document) to foreigners' application for bidding qualification certificate (Correspondence 1)
  5. Approval letter (document) for submission of foreigners' application for acquirement (transfer) of title on land and building to Ministry of Internal Affair (Correspondence 2)
  6. Notice of approval by Ministry of Administration for foreigners to acquire (transfer) title of land and building (Correspondence 3)
Terminology (skipped)
Others (skipped)
Operating Contents
1. Operating Flowchart: as attached 2. Description of Operating Procedure: as attached
Four departments provide the following services respectively:
Four departments provide the following services respectively
Department Service
Land Registration Section Land registration is charge of review, approval, data entry, collation and certificate management of application for land or buildings registration, such as registration of ownership, registration of other rights, etc..
Land Survey Section Land Survey section is in charge of surveying land or buildings and land use zoning changes or cancellations. 
Land Valuation Section Land valuation section is in charge of land value investigation, public current land value announcement and land value assessment. 
Land Cadastre Section Data Entry and Collation,Official document and administrative affairs.
Land Information Management Section Land information management section is in charge of cadaster transcription issuing, land information planning, and management and maintenance.
The offices include
Accounting Office: annual revenue, annual expenditure, budget, General final account
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Service Information
Address No.3,Sec.1, Zhonghua Rd., Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City 24208, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Internet (Chinese)
Internet (English)
Telephone Director 886-2-22778390
Secretary 886-2-22775772
Land Registration Section 886-2-29923145
Land Survey Section 886-2-29916047
Land Valuation Section 886-2-29916048
Land Cadastre Section 886-2-22779220
Switchboard 886-2-22779245
Public Service Information 886-2-22779245 Ext.156,105
Land Information Management Section 886-2-89941739
Fax No 886-2-22760084
Working Hours
  • Monday to Friday:
    8:00 am. to 5:30 pm. 
    (On duty at noon)


Land Law
Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic of China
Dept. of Land Administration Website of Land Laws
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No.3,Sec.1,Zhonghua Rd., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242, Taiwan(R.O.C) 
Arrive in Xinzhuang Junior High School stop or Xinzhuang stop

Bus Routes: 2 
Sanchong Bus:  Gongxi-Beimen(1209).Gongxi-Banqiao(1206). Wugu-Taipei(1203). Huilong-Banqiao(810). 
Capital Bus: Sanxia-Yuanhuan(1575). 
Taoyuan Bus: Xinzhuang-Taoyuan (9102)

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