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Xindian Land Office was founded in 1904, and the first comprehensive computerized land administration office in our country. Xindian land office manages land administrative affairs including Xindian, Shenkeng, Shiding, Pinglin and Wulai Districts.

Department Service
Land Registration Section Responsible for Land and Building Examining and Manual Certificate of Real Estate Status Offer
Land Survey Section Responsible for Land and Building Survey and Map of Survey Report Offer

Land Value Section
Responsible for Land Price Amendment, Land market-price Survey, Land Price Announcement, Land Price List, Vacant and Public Facility Land Investigation, Land Ownership Management, Land Use, Cashing, Filing, Mailing, and General Administration
Information Management Section Responsible for Land and Building Registration Transcriptions, Cadastral Map Transcription, Electronic Cadastral Transcription.

Land Cadastre Section
Data Entry and Collation,Official document and administrative affairs



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MRT : Xindian District Office Station   


BUS :8、576 、 643、 648 、 905、918 、 930、 951 、Songjiang Xinsheng Metro Bus、Keelung Rd. Metro Bus、Green 1 、 Green 6、 Green 7

Contact us
Contact Information
Contact Information

14F./13F,No. 86, Sec.1,Beixin Rd., Xindian District, New Taipei City 23147, Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Telephone 886-2-29172969
Duty Time Monday through Friday:8:00 am. to 5:30 pm.(still on duty at noon)

Transportation Information


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Secretarial Office



Land Registration Section
Land Survey Section
Land Value Section
Information Management Section
Land Cadastre Section
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Accounting Office
Research and Evaluation Office 415
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Voice Line 886-2-29176581



Registration Process
 registration process
Application Stage:
Before getting the certification of the estate, the owner(or the representative) must fill the application form at the land office counter. After examining the credentials and relative documents of the applicant, the counter staff will calculate the registration fee and asks the applicant to pay the charge. The counter staff will give a receipt to the applicant and transfer the application to the auditing staff.
Auditing Stage:
The auditing staff will make the preliminary review and examine of the estate registered application. The applicant may be asked to supplement some documents and credentials that is relative to the application. If the applicant does not give the materials in a certain period, then the application may be dismissed .
Completing the preliminary auditing, and the application will be transferred to make the final auditing. When the application is approved by the final auditing staff, then the reviewing and auditing result of estate application will be announced in public notification. If it is unmanned to put forth the objection, the land office will carry out to register procedure.
Registered Stage:
The registering staff will make the zone verification and final confirmation. After completing the above procedure, the certification of estate will be printed. It will be authorized by the administrator of land office and be stamped.
Issued Stage:
After the certification of estate being stamped, all original application material will be filed and the certification will be duplicate issued. The applicant will be notified to get the certification by using the receipt.
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