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Welcome to the website of Shulin Land Office, New Taipei City Government. Shulin Land Office, New Taipei City Government was founded on 1983, subordinate to Land Administration Department, New Taipei City Government, manages land administrative affairs of Shulin District, Yingge District, and Sanxia District.


Statistics list (include Shulin District, Yingge District, and Sanxia District)
Area Shulin District Yingge District Sanxia District
Amount of Land 51,682 pieces 40,403 pieces 57,640 pieces
Amount of Construction 73,183 pieces 35,953 pieces 48,659 pieces
Area of District 29,277,343.90 m² 20,195,535.55 m² 184,124,167.08 m²
The Resident Population 180,218 people 89,096 people 115,484 people




Organizational Chart 

Shulin Land Administration Office composed of Land Registration Section, Land Surveying Section, Land Value Section, and Land Information Management Section, provides service respectively as follows.

Main Items of Service
Department Service
Land Registration Section Examination, entry, proofreading, certificate management of application for land and constructional improvement registration. (Such as transfer registration, creation registration, etc.)
Land Survey Section Land and constructional improvement survey, land expropriation, public land appropriation and other services related to survey.
Land Value Section Land value investigation, public current land value announcement and land value assessment.
Land Cadastre Section Data Entry and Collation,Official document and administrative affairs
Land Information Management Section Issue of cadastre transcripts, planning, management and maintenance of land Information



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Content Information
Item Content
Address (23852) No.12, Dijheng Street , Shulin District, New Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone number 886-2-26808001
Office hours From 8:00~12:00 and 13:30~17:30 Monday to Friday (Express Counter, Application Counter, Registry Retrieval Counter and Registration & Cadastral Map Duplication Counter are still on duty at 12:00~13:30)
E-mail Address
Unit Tel Ext. Fax
Director Room 886-2-26808001 800 886-2-26808094
Secretary Room 801 886-2-26805760
Land Registration Section 100 886-2-26808018
Land Survey Section 200 886-2-26807162
Land Value Section 300 886-2-26800121
Land Information Management Section 500 886-2-26805472
Research and Evaluation room 803 -
Service Center 886-2-26808007 112 -
Voice Line 886-2-29568838 - -
 How to reach

Traffic Map



Transportation Info
By Train: Shanjia station
By Bus: Shanjia stop
◎ Taipei Bus
702    Sanxia ↔ Taipei
◎ Captial Bus
Sanxia ↔ Min-an W.Rd. ↔ Shusin R.d. ↔ Yuan-Huan
802 Sanxia ↔ Xin-Pun Station of MRT


Land law
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Laws and Regulations Database of The Republic of China

Dept. of Land Administration Website of Land Laws

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Archive Viewing
The Regulation for Archive Viewing Applicants
  1. The regulation is enacted by ShuLin Land office,New Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as “the office”) to exercise Article 17 and Article 18 of Archive Act related to the application for viewing, copying, duplicating and so on.
  2. The application for viewing, copying, duplicating or filming (hereinafter referred to as “viewing”) archives shall be submitted in writing to the office in unit of a case or file; the department in charge shall announce the applicant if the application is not presented in writing.
  3. The department in charge shall review the qualification of Article 17 and Article 18 of Archive Act after accepting the application. If the archive is not allowed to be viewed under the law or the application is based on the other law, the applicant shall be announced the reason(s) in writing.
  4. The result of the accepted application for archive viewing will be determined within 30 days of its receipt of the application whether it is approved or denied.
  5. Once the accepted application is approved, the department in charge shall indicate the time, location and needed information for archive viewing on an approval notice and inform the applicant.
  6. The reference room staff shall collect and verify the approval notice and identification documents when the approved viewer visits the office in person; the identification documents shall be returned after the archives viewing is done.
  7. The reference room staff shall guide and monitor the viewer while the archives are being viewed and some inappropriate behaviors such as eating, smoking, mussing, noising or so on shall be dissuaded and the archive viewing will be stopped and recorded if the viewer ignores the dissuasion.
  8. The department staff in charge shall stay with the approved viewer while archives are being viewed.
  9. If the following actions happen while an approved viewer is viewing archives, the reference room staff or the department staff in charge shall immediately stop the archive viewing. The archive viewing or duplicating will be suspended and recorded after the discontinuance is announced.
    (1)Adding annotations, altering, changing, removing, marking or damaging the content of the archives.
    (2)Unpicking the bound archives
    (3)Destroying or altering the content of the archives by other methods.
  10. The reference room staff or the department staff in charge shall announce all approved viewers that inks are not allowed to use while archives duplicating are proceeding.
  11. Access fees to view,copy or duplicate archives are applicable inccordancewith”The Fee standards to View,Copy or Duptcate Archives” per National Archives Administration Decree.
  12. The particular stored data and files such as disk files or microfiche files are under this regulation as well.

Application From for Shulin Land office, New Taipei City Government Archive Viewing           doc,odt

Archives Duplication Fee Standardxls,ods