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Welcome to the website of Ruifang Land Office, New Taipei City Government. Separating from Xizhi Land Office, this office was founded in March 3rd, 1951. It was established with 13 people working here and the number increased to 26 in 1979. In 1997, the organization with a staff of 26 was divided into four sections. Under the control of New Taipei City Government, this land office hopes to provide the best service to all the citizens.

Our Symbol
The 4 goals of our organization are:

Ruifang Land

Administer Ruifang District like a business, make Ruifang stand out in New Taipei City Government, provide quality service and keep on advancing forward. 
The four areas (Ruifang District,Gongliao District,Pingxi District and Shuangxi District) form 4 circles with the same center. This means that we are tightly bound together and we share the core value. 
The Chinese characters “Ruifang" were printed red. This color represents our passion and our determination to usher in prosperity. Therefore, a warm welcome is guaranteed. 
The green circle in the picture represents health and the nature. It means that we should learn from the nature, a place full of creativity. With creativity, ambition and actions, we hope to become the best office in the public sector in New Taipei City Government. 
Representing the sky and the earth, the blue and yellow colors blend with each other in the picture. This means that all the staff here works closely as a team, and we work toward the same goal: providing the best quality service and always making progress.

Responsibility: Arrange everything here
(Sect. I) Section of Land Registration: Chief
Staff Responsibility:

  1. Help people register land and buildings.
  2. Store the data about land registration.
  3. List all the land and buildings whose ownership transaction hasn’t been recorded in the database of our land office.
  4. Check the ownership of land.

(Sect. II) Section of Land Survey: Chief
Staff Responsibility:

  1. Re-measure the size of land and buildings.
  2. Give copies of cadastral maps.
  3. Record the change in the designated use of some land, such as agricultural use, urban land use, etc.
  4. Label the areas with land use only or non-urban land use.

(Sect. III) Section of Land Value Assessment: Chief
Staff Responsibility:

  1. Watch the price of the land in the market.
  2. Publish the current value of the land and handle the process of paying land tax.
  3. Revise the land registers.
  4. Receive and send official documents.
  5. Deal with financial planning.
  6. Deal with daily chores.

(Sect. IV) Section of Information Management: Chief
Staff Responsibility:

  1. Plan and conduct the information system about land.
  2. Manage and maintain the land registration, land measurement and land use system.
  3. Ensure that all computers inside our land office can function well.
  4. Control the engine room.
  5. Issue all kinds of copies.
  6. Maintain our website.


Number of People in Ruifang Land Office, New Taipei City Government

Title     Number of People
Director 1
Secretary 1
Chief of Section 4
Officer 10
Clerk 2
Surveyor 5
Associate Technical Specialist 1
Associate Clerk 1
Associate Clerk  2
Surveying Assistant 10
Technician 1
Maintenance Worker 2
Total Number: 40


Statistical data under jurisdiction

Adding all the four areas together, there are 110,200 pieces of land, and the land area covers 361,695,531 square meters, and the number of structures (buildings, bridges, etc.) reaches 18,437. This data was established on April 10th, 2012.

Office Hour: 8:00 AM- 5:30 PM, 
Monday to Friday Lunch Break: 12:00 - 1:30 at noon

Telephone and fax of every department in Ruifang Land Office, New Taipei City Government
Unit  Tel
Operator 886-2-24974106~9
Director Ext.800
 Section One: Section of Land Registration Ext.100~103, 105, 107~109
Section Two: Section of Land Survey Ext.200~205, 208~213
Section Three: Section of Land Value Assessment Ext.300~306
Section Four: Section of Information Management Ext.500~506
Information Desk Ext.100, 111
One-stop Service (Applying for Copies or E-copies) Ext.104
One-stop Service (Land registration and measurement)  Ext.105, 106
Telephone Voice Inquiry Service 886-2-24979885~6
Fax Copies or E-copies 886-2-24968910


 Telephone and address of every Land Affairs Station in Ruifang Land Office, New Taipei City Government

Place Phone Address
Ruifang District Office 886-2-24972250 Ext.1052 No.85, Fengjia Rd., Ruifang, New Taipei City
Shuangxi District Office 886-2-24931111 Ext.20 No. 25, Dungrung Rd., Shuangxi, New Taipei City
Pingxi District Office 886-2-24951510 Ext.105 No. 45, Pingxi Rd., Pingxi, New Taipei City
Gongliao District Office 886-2-24941602 Ext.204 No. 54, Jauyang Rd., Gongliao, New Taipei City

How to Reach

Ruifang MAP

  1. Take a train and get off at Ruifang Station. Walk out of the station and turn left onto Mindeng Rd. After 5 minutes, you will see Ruifang Land Office on your left.
  2. Take the Keelung Bus(from Keelung to Ruifang; from Zhonglun to Jinguashi; or from Taipei to Jinguashi) and get off at Ruifang Land Office.

Our Vision
Streamline the processing of land matters and strive for excellence, not only perfection.
The vision of Ruifang Land Office is to streamline the processing of land matters, and strive for excellence, not only perfection. In order to showcase the spirit and the focus of this vision, "to administer Ruifang District like a business, make Ruifang stand out in New Taipie City Government, provide quality service and keep on advancing forward." is defined as the goal of our organization. We believe that this vision can be materialized by drawing up a thorough action plan, putting the plan into practice, and at the same time pursuing the perfect quality of service. Below is a detailed explanation about the content of our organizational goal.

  • Administer Ruifang District like a business:

We Chinese have an old saying, "Where there is land, there is wealth." Land is the foundation of human economy, and the management of land is also one public affair which is closely related to people. Therefore, the key to providing service concerned with land is that one must first understand the geography of this area. Then, we can hear people's voices and make a good use of the local resources. In a word, to administer Ruifang District like a business is to treat the people as customers, listen to their heart, and satisfy their needs.

  • Make Ruifang stand out in New Taipie City Government: 

Public service grows along with the society, and public service is becoming more sophisticated, digital and convenient. Therefore, the service at the land office should transcend the boundary of traditions, and emphasize R&D. Then, the administrative procedure will be more streamlined, user-friendly and available to all. On the whole, the deciding factor of making Ruifang Land Office stand out in New Taipie City Government is the innovative service.

  • Provide quality service:

There is a slogan in marketing, "Products are sold by word of mouth. Companies are well-established by brand loyalty. The government is maintained by image." Whether the image is good or not depends on the quality of services this government provides. As a result, the operating procedure should be standardized and examined often. In other words, we should provide the public the best service.

  • Keep on advancing forward:

Service includes more than temporary satisfaction. Every public servant should be equipped with this concept: to think for others and care with all his/her heart. The quality of services can be raised only when the staff receive constant training, encouragement, and evaluation. In a nutshell, to keep on advancing forward is never to satisfy with the status quo.

Contact Us
Any suggestion or opinion to the Ruifang Land Office is sincerely welcome. Please fill out the form below, and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.