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Land administration tasks which closely link to citizens’ property rights are always the fundamental to government domination and national developments. Optimizing land utilization for sharing land-related profits to the general public is the main aim of all the endeavors we put into land administration. History of the Land Administration Department of New Taipei City (hereafter referred to as the Department) can be traced back to 1945, the restoration of Taiwan, when the Taiwan Province Chief Executive Office was established as the top level administration under the Executive Yuan. Civil Affairs Office (which later renamed as Civil Affairs Department) was installed under the Chief Executive Office, with Land Administration Bureau affiliated to Civil Affairs Office. On December 11th of the same year, a Land Administration Section was established under the Civil Affairs Bureau of the respective county and city governments (including Taipei County Government), directed and supervised by the Land Administration Bureau. In the same period, in order to carry out tasks such as to collect and verify land certificates issued during the Japan occupation, to issue land ownership certificates, and to carry out overall land registration, in addition to assigning these tasks to the Land Administration Sections that affiliate to respective county and city governments, the Chief Executive Office also set up a Land Sorting Office respectively in 8 counties - including Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taitung and Penghu - for carrying out certificate submittal and verification.

At the end of October 1946, to cope with actual needs of the localities as land administration tasks got more cumbersome day after day, Land Administration Sections affiliated to the respective county and city governments were elevated to Land Administration Departments, each comprising 4 sub-sections, namely Land Cadastre Sub-section, Land Value Sub-section, Land Rights Sub-section and Land Utility Sub-section. In the same period, Land Sorting Offices are re-organized into Land Offices affiliating to Land Administration Departments. Five Land Offices, Banqiao, Xindian, Xinzhuang, Xizhi and Tamsui, were sequentially set up in the then jurisdiction of this Department. Due to substantial increase of land registration tasks and survey operations, Ruifang Land Office was branched off from Xizhi Land Office in 1951, Sanchong Land Office was branched off from Xinzhuang Land Office in 1975, Zhonghe Land Office was branched off from Banqiao Land Office in 1976, and Shulin Land Office was branched off from Banqiao Land Office in 1983, for carrying out land registration and survey tasks in respective localities of the jurisdiction. As of 1979, a Land Zoning Sub-section was established based on “the organization of Land Administration Departments of respective county and city governments” ratified by the Taiwan Provincial Government, for enhancing manpower in the promotion of urban land zoning tasks.

On August 17th 1988, the former Taipei County Government altered Land Administration Department into Land Administration Bureau, consisting of 5 sections: Land Cadastre, Land Value, Land Rights, Land Utility, and Land Zoning. A Cadastral Survey Brigade was added in December 1996, a Zone Expropriation Section was added in July 1997. On August 1st 2007, the former Taipei County Government became a Quasi-Special Municipality after passing the “Regulations on Autonomous Organization of Taipei County Government”; the original organization of the Department comprising 6 sections and 1 brigade (Land Cadastre Section, Land Value Section, Land Data Section, Land Utility Section, Zoning Section, Zone Expropriation Section, and Cadastral Survey Section) was altered into 8 divisions and 4 offices (Land Cadastre Division, Land Value Division, Land Data Division, Land Expropriation Division, Land Consolidation Division, Zoning Division, Zone Expropriation Division and Cadastral Survey Division, with additional Secretariat Office, Personnel Office, Internal Affairs Office, and Accounting Office). On December 25th 2010, Taipei County Government was promoted as a special municipality, and the department has since been affiliated to the New Taipei City Government.

Ever since the establishment, the department aims to providing citizens with better quality of living environment, building up a healthy city that is full of happiness and suitable for living. Based on spirits of Innovation – to provide convenient and quality services of land administration, Prosperity – to prosper New Taipei City with integral development, and Health – to utilize public lands for promoting public construction as the core values, we shall continuously endeavor to elevate our administration efficiency and capabilities by promoting convenient services in all aspects for achieving the prospect of a new era of e-Government with fluent and convenient land administration that gives impetus to land development and living comfort.