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  • Unit:Development Engineering Division 
  • Tel:886-2-2960-3456 Ext.3431~3439、3508、3510、3512、3514、3575~3584

The Development Engineering Division takes a role to put the urban development project (specializing in zone expropriation and land reconsolidation) into practice. Our workteam is responsible for each stage of project in an engineering life-cycle, including Pre-planning, designing, contracting, implementing, supervising, project control and schedule management. Having the construction of public facility completed, the remaining works, such as acceptance check, temporary maintenance and handover to the relevant authority, are included in our job responsibilities as well.

In accordance with the specific infrastructure needs in each development project, our team reframe and construct new roads, bridges, parks, school lands, children’s playgrounds, market places and greenbelt. Also, we establish the pipeline systems for drainage, sewage treatment and utility service, in either dilapidated region or other undeveloped area in New Taipei City, for achieving a sustainable environment and pursuing for a better life.